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  • About Us

    A moment like so many others, when two couples meet for dinner. Laughing and chatting while having a desert they wanted to drink another glass of wine to pursue their agreeable night. With no bottles in the fridge or in the cellar, they struggle to find a solution, but in fact everything is closed. 10 pm have passed now and the wish to extend the dinner without living the place is bigger than the need of having another glass of wine – just achievable by living the comfort of their couch.

    They stay together, comfortable, but not satisfied.

    The dinner between Bernardo, Miguel, Carolina and Inês was the reason Night Shift® was born.

    We are a 100% Portuguese startup that delivers all kind of groceries at night.

    We believe that you can and should have a solution to buy groceries after 9pm and comfortably receive them where you are.

    So, the next time you forget your toothbrush, break your last bottle of wine, or just want some ice cream and cookies at 3 am, order here and we will deliver it at your door!

    We have more than 500 products! Join the movement #consumoconfortavel

  • On the press:

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  • What our clients say about us:

    • Night Shift is implementing the HACCP process

    • Night Shift is a member of the Nacional Association of Small and Medium Companies

  • How it works:


    Place your order at Night Shift® is even simpler than going to the convenience store in your neighborhood. Check below how you can order.

  • Where we deliver

    We deliver almost everywhere in Lisbon area.

    Although our radius is limited, we want to extend our service to other areas. If your area is not already covered but you would like to count on us in a near future, please send us an e-mail to: entregememminhacasa@nightshift.com.pt

    For security reasons, we reserve to the right of refuse delivery requests, even if they are within our area of intervention.

  • Opening Times

    When everything is closing, we open!

    We are open from Monday to Saturday but be careful, our Shifters do not wake up or sleep at the same time everyday.

    Monday to WednesdayThursday to Saturday
    21:00 - 02:00 21:00 - 04:00
  • Delivery Fee

    From 1.8€ to 6€

    Our delivery fee can vary from € 1.80 to € 6* or…nothing! This fee is based on an algorithm that relates the distance and time that our Shifters need to provide you with a good service.

    Order 25€ or more in products and you don’t pay any delivery fee – not valid for tobacco products.

    You can order 1, 10 or 20 products and your delivery fee will remain the same so load your shopping cart!

    If you order exclusively tobacco products we charge 1€ of extra delivery fee. We also charge an extra delivery fee of 1€ for for each pack of cigarettes ordered.

    *This range does not include extra delivery fees related to the purchase of tobacco products.

  • Payment methods

    4 Options - Choose yours

    We are a 100% digital grocery , as such we do not accept payments in cash or by terminal at the time of delivery. However you have 4 ways of payment available, just choose the one that you like the most. We remind you that if you choose to keep your data, your next purchase will also be faster..

    We usually deliver your order in 25 minutes. However we remind you, that when you enter your address, you will be informed of the time we estimate to completer that specific request. After making the payment you can also follow the status of your order.

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  • Shifters

    Our Face

    These are our shifters! While you lie in your couch, they run all over Lisbon to ensure that everything that you ordered arrives on time and in perfect conditions. They are the soul of this grocery store and they travel miles to ensure your comfort. So please, if you think they deserve, tip them so they can drink a coffee! Day Sleeping @ Night Shifting

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  • Join Us

    We are growing for 8 months in a row and we need help to expand our business! If you are looking for a flexible work that pays more than the average, please submit your application, we would love to meet you! We give you a bike, insurance, shifting equipment and above all the possibility to grow in Night Shift®.

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